Donald Robert Perry Marquis

Don Marquis Chronology and Bibliography

Chronology and Bibliography




1878 Born July 29, Walnut, Ill.
1892 Brother, David, died at age 20
1894 Graduated high school, Walnut, Ill.
1896 Attended Knox College Academy for three months
1897 Father died
1900 June - Moved to Washington, DC, to work for Census Bureau.
Wrote for Washington Times. Attended art school.

1902 June - Moved to Philadelphia, PA. Free lanced for newspapers
1902 Moved to Atlanta, GA, as Associate Editor, Atlanta News,
then to Atlanta Journal as editorial writer and occasional columnist

1907 Assistant Editor, Uncle Remus Magazine
1909 June 8 - Married Reina Melcher
1909 November - Moved to New York City.
Free lanced, worked briefly for news service.
These were hard  years.

1912 Started with New York Sun
Got his own column, The Sun Dial
Danny's Own Story - novel
1915 Mother died
Son, Robert, born November 7
Dreams and Dust - poetry
The Cruise of the Jasper B - novel
Hermione and Her Little Group of Serious Thinkers - humor
1918 Daughter, Barbara, born October
humorous prefaces to books unwritten
1921 Son, Bobby, died February 15, age 5 Carter and Other People - short stories and a one act play
Noah and Jonah N Cap'n John Smith - a book of poetry
The Old Soak - humorous vignettes
Hail and Farewell - poetry
1922 Left Sun, started with New York Herald.
Play, The Old Soak opened on Broadway in August,
played 423 performances.
Poems and Portraits - poetry
Sonnets to a Red Haired Lady and Famous Love Affairs - poetry
The Revolt of the Oyster - short stories
1923 To Paris and England in October
Reina died December 2
Mr. Hawley Breaks into Song
1924 Words and Thoughts
a play performed in NY
based on
Carter & Other People
The Old Soak's History of the World - vignettes
Pandora Lifts the Lid
collaboration (actually written by) Christopher Morley
The Awakening and Other Poems - poetry
The Dark Hours - a play
1926 Married Marjorie Potts Vonnegut on February 2 The Old Soak - a play
The Skinners, a play, failed in Mamaroneck, NY

The Almost Perfect State - humorous vignettes from Utopia
Archy and Mehitabel
Out of the Sea - a play
Love Sonnets of a Cave Man and other poems
When the Turtles Sing and Other Unusual Tales
1929 Accepted job as Hollywood screenwriter
Quit in anger a few months later
Wrote angry poem about Hollywood
an ode to hollywood - privately printed in 100 copies
A Variety of People - short stories
1930 Play, Everything's Jake, a sequel to The Old Soak, opened on Broadway.
Closed after six performances.
Off the Arm - a novel
1931 October - Daughter, Barbara, died at age 13
1932 November 14, The Dark Hours opened on Broadway
Closed after six performances

Archy's Life of Mehitabel
Chapters for the Orthodox - short stories
Master of the Revels - a play on Henry VIII
1935 August - Master of the Revels produced at Schenectady, NY
Archy Does His Part
Her Foot is on the Brass Rail
illustrated by James Thurber
Limited to 350 copies
1936 Don had a disabling stroke, his third
His wife, Marjorie, died October 25
Sun Dial Time - short stories
1937 Broke, disabled and blind
Marquis died December 29

Don Marquis, a eulogy by Benjamin DeCasseres
Sons of the Puritans,
an unfinished autobiographical novel,
is published
The Lives and Times of Archy & Mehitabel
a compilation of all A&M books
published by Doubleday
stays in print more than 30 years
The Best of Don Marquis
published by Doubleday
Archy & Mehitabel, a back alley opera
33RPM LP Record
with Carol Channing and Eddie Bracken
produced by Columbia Records
O Rare Don Marquis
By Edward Anthony
published by Doubleday
Shinbone Alley
Animated VCR version of the 1950s LP
with Channing and Bracken, produced by Fine Arts Films
1978 Fans gather in Port Townsend, Washington,
to celebrate Don's 100th birthday
Everything's Jake, a play,
published in limited edition
Don Marquis
a critical biography by Lynn Lee

released by Twayne Publishers, Boston
Selected Letters of Don Marquis,
a collection edited by William McCollum, Jr.
released by
University Press of New England
archyology ii
released by
University Press of New England

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