Ode to Hollywood by Don Marquis

An Ode to Hollywood

City of sterile striving,
Where brains have not begun,
I sing thy Idiot Faces,
Thy leagued Commonplaces,
Bright in thy silly sun!

Thy Ballocks have no Semen,
Thine Udders have no Milk;
Ever thou seekest Bliss
With Hard-ons swoln with Piss;
Thy Gods are Bunk and Bilk.

Fertile in naught but faking
Futile each season passes;
And scrutiny discloses
Thy most prodigious Roses
Are really Horses' Asses.

Strange Cults are thine, strange Cunts,
Dry Nymph and arid Venus;
Or should a hymen bust
'Tis but a puff of dust
Powders the satyr's penis.

Diffuse, wide desert reaches
Where no Mind ever wrought!
Peer from thy cloudless skies
Demons with lidless eyes,
Scorching the buds of Thought!

Thy passions all pretended,
Thy pulses beat for pelf--
But should more Irrigation
Bring dustless fornication,
Go fuck thy Suffering Self!


Author's Note:

Valiorum reading; Third line of fourth
stanza, 'cundum' for 'hymen', as being
more in accord with local probabilities;
albeit, hymen, to the nicer ear of poesy,
hath the sweeter sound.


Ode to Hollywood was Don's departing
message to Hollywood in 1929 after
angrily resigning after a year as a
Hollywood screenwriter.

It was published privately in 100 copies
for distribution to Don's friends.

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Jim Ennes

Don Marquis